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Mrs. Mistoffelees the e39 528i is home!

My mother-in-law took delivery of her new (to her) 1997 BMW 528i (e39) yesterday. She has named it Mrs. Mistoffelees (Mr. just wouldn’t seem right for her car) after a character in CATS. Here are some pictures I took just this morning, (they are scaled down for those with slow connections, if you want to [...]

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Lightning McQueen FOUND in the Garage Blog!

The Garage Blog – Lightning McQueen FOUND! Just like Sheetmetal Sally, there is now a Sheetmetal Lightning McQeen! I won’t steal The Garage’s thunder or bandwidth, so you’ll have to click the link above to go see his pics. He’s got LOTS of pictures of Lightning McQeen, Sally Carrera, and Big Mac.

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