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Brandermill Community Decisions

Written By: der5er - Mar• 19•06

Andrea Epps (no relation) has written a great post over at her blog regarding a new drugstore in my local communty. The drugstore is set to be in a horrible spot traffic wise. I just wanted to post my opinion: it stinks. There are much better locations for this store, and IMHO CVS should fire their real estate developer. Traffic flow to and from this location is nothing short of horrible. Sure, they’ve got plenty of residents near by, but it’s not going to be easy for those residents to get to them. They should go, as one commenter mentions, to the Food Lion shopping center across the street. There is already a well established traffic pattern for this location, and plenty of available space.
At any rate, Ms. Epps is a much more accomplished and impassioned speaker/writer than I. Please make sure to visit her blog for the whole story.

Also, I notice that Ms. Epps is using Blogger to host her blog. I do hope she hasn’t experienced any of Blogger’s recent problems that were the reason I left.

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  1. Andrea Epps says:

    Thanks Greg.
    This proposal is insane, unsafe, and a breech of covenants.
    BTW…Check out the latest at shapeofthefuture and lt me know what you think.

  2. Linda M. Frazier says:

    We are residents also in close proximity to the proposed CVS. The first we knew of this horrible planned disaster is when we received a letter from an attorney notifying us that we were within 1500 feet of the site. Genito Road (2-lane just beyond the site)carries all traffic from Route 360.

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