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This is part of the reason I wanted to leave Blogger

Written By: der5er - Mar• 17•06

Blogger Buzz: With Apologies to Mike Judge…

Long story short, Blogger employees got ahold of a bad router, removed it, and destroyed it. I can’t wait to see the video.

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  1. goon says:

    IS this the reason I can’t get into my blog right now.

  2. NWJR says:

    If they’d spend more time fixing the problem rather than posting cute pictures of destroyed equipment, perhaps things would work better there.

  3. der5er says:

    Brandermill Community Decisions

    Andrea Epps (no relation) has written a great post over at her blog regarding a new drugstore in my local communty. The drugstore is set to be in a horrible spot traffic wise. I just wanted to post my opinion:…

  4. Flint says:

    So what – they don’t have any backups?

    What – do they just have one router – and if it goes down, everybody is hosed?

    Sounds like a bang-up operation if you ask me.

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