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Bimmer Magazine: Vintage: E28 Perfection

Written By: der5er - Dec• 22•05

Bimmer magazine’s February 2006 issue (found mine at Barnes & Noble) has a great article on Ron Perry’s award winning Euro e28 M5 and his daily driver Alpina clone. I would love to link to the article, but it’s not online. I would love to reprint the article here, but that would be copyright infringement. Here’s an excerpt to tempt you into buying this issue:

Perfection is an elusive quality in anything, and it’s especially hard to achieve in an automobile, particularly one that’s 20 years old. Yet, that’s excactly the judement rendered on this 1985 M5 by a bevy of show judges and BMW enthusiasts. Owned by Ron Perry, this Euro M5 just might be the “most perfect” E28 in the US, if not on the planet.

These days, of course, Perry’s pampered M5 is reserved for special occaisions. For daily transport, he drives an Alpina B9-replica E28, which started life as a 1982 Euro 528i just as the real Alpina B9s did. Painted Lapis Blue and decorated with Alpina replica graphics, this car is entirely period correct even though it didn’t make a stop at Alpina after leaving the BMW factory. An Alpina-style air dam completes the aesthetic package, adding a racy touch that looks great but neccessitates great care in entering and exiting driveways.

I could go on, typing up more of the article for you to read, but then there’d probably be a lawyer knocking on my door…go buy it. You won’t be sorry.

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