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Seymour’s Pics of the Clutchfest

Written By: der5er - Dec• 20•05
My – Forums Thread – Pics from Richmond. Dial-up beware.
“Seymour in C’ville” has posted his pictures from Saturday’s wrench fest. I’m surprised to see none of Aaron’s beast.
Here is our host, Jon pulling his exhaust down so he can more easily get to the transmission.
Here you can see Andrew (plaid), Leonard (next to Andrew), Jay (rear shock in hand), and Alex (leaning in checking out a front spring) working on Leonard’s car. I’m probably under one of the rear wheel wells.
Yep, there I am…
Steve (left) broke the springs loose on his trunk and Andrew tried to put them back.
Jon and Aaron trying to find something to beat with a hammer…
Now Jay is going to try the trunk.

We can’t believe Jay fits in Steve’s trunk!

Left to right: Me, Jon’s Dad, Andrew, and Seymour’s son Henry.

Alex and Aaron preparing Jon’s transmission for re-installation.
Chow time!
Contrary to Jon’s teasing, Steve was a great cook!

As you can see, we kept pretty busy. I’m sure we’ll see more pictures later in the week, and I plan to post them all here! So, for the next couple of days, this might look more like a photo blog!

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