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The Richmond ClutchFest!

Written By: der5er - Dec• 16•05

Although, is it really a ‘fest’ if you’re only doing one clutch?

A bunch of guys from around VA and NC are getting together tomorrow in Midlothian (not at my house) to install a new clutch in Jon in Richmond‘s euro M535. While we’re there, we’re going to work on Leonard’s suspension (hmm…someone’s got recent experience with that) if he can get the car started. If he can’t, we’ll all stand in the spot where his car would have been parked and talk about why it’s not starting. I plan on bringing my back seat with me, and maybe get an extra hand putting it back in. I know there are a couple other projects planned for the day, I just can’t remember what they are.
Highlight of the day: Aaron’s e28 540–if it makes it. He’s had some issues with it this week…but that’s to be expected with a newly minted Frankenstein car!

I’m also looking forward to seeing Jay again. He’s a great guy and all around gear head. He’s painting a valve cover and intake manifold for me. Someday my car will be prettier under the hood than outside it.

EDIT: Leonard reports that his car is starting again!

It was the COIL. It was emitting only a weak, red spark. Now it’s BIG and
Blue. She fires up immediately like she used to. Thanks to everybody here who
helped me with this issue. What a great resource this place is!

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